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A CD dedicated to music and silences by John Cage.

John Cage (Speaker)

Floraleda Sacchi (Harp, Prepared Harp, Toy Harp, Voice, Stopwatch)

Available from Sept. 5, 2012


I read "Silence" for the first time when I was 15. I fall instantly in love with Cage's attitude and ideas. He made my life better and I read, play and think about his ideas often. He makes me feel good and tune me with the environment. Thank you John and happy birthday!
Floraleda Sacchi, 9/5/12.




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Articles & Comments


The Independent
★★★★ Andy Gill

"There's something about the Zen-garden aspect of John Cage's music that lends itself particularly well to these interpretations by the Italian harpist Floraleda Sacchi. The instrument is especially effective in the more obviously "beautiful" pieces such as "Dream" and "In a Landscape", where the undulating, intertwining figures have the same serene intensity as on piano, but are less overtly soothing, always poised on a sharper edge.
The paperclips and cards inserted between strings for the prepared-harp piece "Primitive" produce a buzzy, less percussive timbre than in prepared-piano versions. There's also one of the noisiest versions of the famous silent piece "4'33"", thanks presumably to the breeze blowing through the harpstrings, Aeolian-style."


The harp of Floraleda Sacchi it's an embodiment of the humility, assuredness and perception of Cage's own musicology. Each of the works here is meticulously performed; performed with superb expression and involvement. Each does the essence of that musicology of Cage's proud. Sacchi balances the inner confidence and light with the purely acoustic essence which was so important to Cage. Caution is never brought out when reserve and reflection are more appropriate. Nor thrust when is projection. Her playing, in other words, combines sensitivity with perception – and with great technical acumen. There is definition without domination. [...]

This is splendid and important music, though, played in a winning and appealing way. Whatever your (previous) experience of Cage and his world and approach to music, its performance and reception, this is a CD to look closely at. It's unlikely that you won't be inspired by much of what it contains.

Classical Net, Mark Sealey full article



Article on La Provincia


Article on Il Corriere




Beautiful record. Indeed!

Peter Michael Hamel



7/10/2012 Interview on Radio Vaticana, Contenitore 105 with Andrea Fasano (Cronache Musicali)


29/9/2012 Flora plays and speak of "Happy Birthday John!" on RAI Radio 3, Piazza Verdi: Listen the show


22/10/2012 An interview with Paolo Prato Listen the interview


24/10/2012 Primo Movimento presents "Happy Birthday John!" at 9:30 on RAI Radio 3. Streaming on RaiRadio3


25/10/2012. Live Concert on RSI. Streming on RSI


26/10/2012. Luca Ciammarughi a Ultimo Grido, Radio Classica, presenta "Happy Birthday John!" ore 17.00. Streaming on Radio Classica



Recorded and mixed by Filadelfo Castro
Floraleda plays a Lyon&Healy Harp, Style 30, No. 16516

Cover Photo: Floraleda Sacchi

Produced by Amadeus Arte

Cat. No. AAP12001
© 2012 Amadeus Arte





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